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Places I've slept in 2011

Venice, CA
Playa del Rey, CA
Wichita, KS
Santa Barbara, CA
Buellton, CA
San Diego, CA
Yuba City, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Rome, Italy
Pozzuoli, Italy
Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy
New York, NY
Terre Haute, IN
Columbus, OH
Bloomville, OH
Anaheim, CA
Hanover, MD
College Station, TX
Katy, TX
Schertz, TX

Keeping it up, 3 years strong...

Places I've slept in 2010

Venice, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Barcelona, Spain
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Denver, CO
Bloomington, MN
Williams, IA
Kansas City, MO
Branson, MO
Fenton, MO
Santa Claus, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Gurnee, IL
Shakopee, MN
Landstuhl, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Hanover, MD
Wailea, HI
Honolulu, HI
Katy, TX
Austin, TX
College Station, TX




Happy Birthday kyleholl!!!

So Jeff and I traveled with the Santa Monica HS Marching Band to London over New Year's. I have lots of pictures to post, but I've been so busy that I just haven't gotten around to it.

In the mean time though, here's a video I shot on my digital camera while walking the parade route down Regent St. (or maybe it was Picadilly by this point, I can't remember)

Since everyone seems to be doing this meme....

Where I slept in 2008:

Venice, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Dayton, OH
San Diego, CA
Columbus, OH
Bloomville, OH
Severn, MD
Catawissa, PA
Marina del Rey, CA
London, UK

The good thing about not being allowed to eat or drink anything from Sat afternoon until Tuesday afternoon, and then being on only clear liquids.............

I lost 13+ pounds since Saturday. WOOT!


Trying to find a bright side in all this.

Wow, just wow.

So yesterday was the annual Abbot Kinney Street Festival. Neither Jeff nor I had ever been, so about 2pm we walked down and looked at all the booths. We didn't stay very long, but there were some great vendors there. I was close to buying a picture of the old venice pier (with amusement park) for the bedroom.

Fast forward to last night around 9:30pm (I was in the middle of watching Dexter). We heard all kinds of sirens, and the ghetto birds were flying around. Seemed fairly close but not right around the corner.

This morning, Jeff calls me and says he found out what the commotion was.


I'm glad we went early in the day.

OMG, I'm loving these, how did I never find them before!

The months have been flying by. I mean, it's mid-fall already. Where has the time gone?

Of course, with fall comes my busy days again. Since school is back in session, I'm out on the football field every morning by 7am, and usually get home from work around 7pm (8 if I hit the gym first). But I prefer being busy than sitting around, so all is still well!

The best part of the fall is just around the corner though.........PPP, otherwise known as Knoebel's Phoenix Phall Phunfest. It's my favorite coaster event by far, and want to try to make it at least every other year. The park has great food, great rides, great coasters, and a great location (nestled in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania). This year, I'm meeting up with 8 others (including kyleholl). I was planning on flying into BWI to meet up with Kyle no matter what (it's only like 20 min further than flying into Philly), and he said he'd come with to the event. YEAH! I hope the coaster geekery doesn't scare him too badly :-P I can't wait!

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